Yoga & Meditation Practices

We believe that yoga is for everyone, and that everyone can benefit from a practice that teaches us how to;

  • Slow down
  • Be present
  • Intentionally calm and still self-limiting beliefs
  • Develop practices that cultivate compassion and resiliency

On retreat, yoga and meditation practices are ultimately customized to the unique needs of the group. From gentle and restorative, strength, centering, injury education or healing practices, this is yoga designed to not only be fun, but also to inspire you to continue to build a practice for life.  

Here is an example of how your days may be structured.

 Sunrise/ Sunset Meditation

A 10 - 15 minute, gently guided quiet practice. On the first evening, we will spend a few extra minutes providing some simple tips to meditation to ensure you make the most of this time. 

Rise & Shine Flow Yoga
A 90-minute cleansing flow practice designed to wake up every single cell in your body! Expect to build some heat, move to your breath, open up those pesky tight spots such as the hips, hamstrings and shoulders. A light-hearted practice with an inspirational theme to start the day off right.

Integrative Study
We will use this time to dive deeper into the theme of the weekend, drawing inspiration from classical yoga teachings, the yoga sutra and other relevant sources. This time may be used for introspective work and exercises that will be helpful for you in uncovering new awareness about your life. It is also a space to spend more intimate time with the teachers, ask questions and engage in discussion.

Afternoon Yoga Session
A nourishing, 75-minute practice, generally more deep and restorative and designed to promote the 'rest & digest' response for the nervous system.


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